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"Latest news from the MMA Group"

Project - May 2021

Our Jakob Green Wall Living The ‘High Life’ At One Hyde Park

Incorporating a combination of Jakob’s high-quality stainless-steel ropesrods and planters, MMA delivered an elegant green wall at the iconic One Hyde Park building...

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Jakob Green Wall One Hyde Park By Day.jpg

Newsletter Archive. 

March 2022 Newsletter - Green Kits

This spring we are expanding our existing rope and rod ‘Green Kit’ range with the introduction of a new product...

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Green Kit Newsletter.PNG


Webnet ID Parkade Facade, Kamloops - Canada

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Art Facade for Car Park Using Jakob Webnet ID Plates.jpg

Project 2020

The Tower of London - Webnet Raven Enclosure & Balustrade Infill

Webnet wire mesh, ensuring safety for the public at one of the most profound and prestigious heritage sites in the UK...

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News - 04/10/2021

Jakob launches Webnet Evo to provide new patterns for architecture

A new addition to our Webnet wire mesh system with the launch of Webnet Evo....

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Webnet Evo_Engineering_3.jpg


Jakob Green Walls, The Future of Urban Greening

With the increasing impact of climate change, greening infrastructure is becoming more important than ever in towns and cities... 

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