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Sustainable solutions improve aesthetics and thermal and energy efficiency.

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Elegant, flexible and robust systems deliver improved safety and security.

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Architectural Meshes & Grids for a wide range of applications.

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Off the shelf balustrade systems


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Jakob Rope Systems Summary

Providing high-quality, high-performance architectural stainless steel wire rope assembly products, Jakob Rope Systems are proven in projects worldwide. The products are used across a wide range of applications, including balustrade infill, safety netting and green walls.

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Green Wall Summary

Using Jakob stainless steel products as the retaining structure, our Green Wall systems have been used on a range of buildings, providing improved aesthetics and thermal and acoustic insulation, as well as encouraging biodiversity in urban environments.


Geggus Matting Summary

Geggus craftsmen have been manufacturing high-quality entrance matting for more than 75 years.  Unique features including an open construction mean the Geggus matting range is the highest performing system on the market.

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Car Park Safety Summary

Our Car Park Safety systems help create a safe environment by elegantly enclosing openings with stainless steel Webnet and wire mesh. The system allows natural light in as well as air to move through the car park.

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Bridge Safety Summary

Durable, robust, and aesthetic, our Bridge Safety solutions ensure the safety of people using a bridge. The system helps protect them from accidental falls and deters suicide attempts, without compromising the design integrity of the bridge. 


Animal Enclosures Summary

Using Jakob stainless steel Webnet, our animal enclosure solutions take creative environments to the next level. Regardless of size or shape, our systems create a safe and secure environment for animals as well as creating great viewing opportunities for visitors - without compromising safety.


Progress Summary          

Supplying products of the highest quality finish, Progress Architecture provides a wide range of grilles and meshes for balustrades, facades, metal ceilings, staircase dividers and much more.

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MMA Balustrade Summary        

Combining products from our trusted suppliers, MMA supplies a vast range of the highest-quality balustrade systems.  With an emphasis on aesthetics and creativity, our balustrade solutions are practical and economical.


Habegger Summary

Renowned across the Alpine countries of Europe, Habegger winches offer high-quality, robust winch solutions.  Designed to last a lifetime with unrivalled performance, Habegger winches are smooth in use, light-weight but supremely strong.

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