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MMA Balustrade Systems

Complete design, supply and install of Stainless Steel Balustrades suitable for large scale commercial applications across the UK.

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Our balustrade systems are composed of products supplied by our hand-picked manufacturers who share the same values in providing high quality architectural systems. We’ve selected each supplier to provide new options for our customers – enabling us to offer choices with our balustrade systems, from post types to infill.


Our balustrade systems combine the Jakob Rope Systems, Progress Architecture and Inox Design product ranges. Our extensive balustrading range includes complete systems, off-the-shelf systems and balustrade infill. Each offering different designs and capabilities, our complete balustrade range has been designed to deliver on safety and aesthetics.


Jakob has designed a great looking modular railing system that meets safety requirements whilst being quick and easy to install. The modular railing system includes posts, Webnet wire mesh frames and fittings, all designed to simply fit together and create complete balustrading systems.


Jakob modular railing is the perfect choice for projects requiring a robust, weather-resistant balustrading system, without a complex installation process. Modular railing can be used for both residential and commercial projects, in applications such as on balconies and terraces, around swimming pools and ponds and on bridges and walkways.


The Jakob modular railing system at a glance:

  • Four combinable types of Webnet wire mesh frame, each of a different shape or size

  • Two post types for flat or frontal installation

  • Distance adjusters to connect the posts and can absorb construction tolerances

  • Whole system is manufactured from 316 ‘marine grade’ stainless steel, suitable for use indoors and outdoors

  • Installation is fast and straightforward and can be carried out by any competent tradesperson; however we also offer a full installation service if required


For more information about our Jakob modular railing balustrade systems, please download our modular railing brochure, visit our Jakob website or contact us.

Progress Architecture supplies a wide range of meshes, grids and grilles, manufactured from a range of materials including aluminium and stainless steel. In addition to supplying individual meshes, grids and grilles, Progress Architecture has designed a complete balustrade system. Featuring their DECO grilles, the screen DECO balustrade system combines grille infill with posts and fittings, creating an installation-ready system.


The Progress Architecture screen DECO balustrade system at a glance:

  • Two post types, one with a 40 x 60mm section and one with a t-section

  • System includes handrail, posts, grille panels, corner grille panels and fixings

  • Three panel types, each with different spacings between grilles

  • A range of materials and finishes. Material options include 304 and 316 stainless steel and finishing options include powder coating to any RAL chart colour

Inox Design’s product range offers 304 and 316 stainless steel parts for balustrading systems, including posts, handrails, frameless glass channel parts and fittings. Designed and manufactured to the highest quality in Italy, Inox Design has years of experience designing and manufacturing reliable stainless steel balustrade components and systems. Inox Design’s balustrading parts can be used to create a complete system, or they can be used with Jakob Rope System’s Webnet wire mesh and wire rope assemblies.

Stainless Steel Balustrade Posts

Inox Design supplies a range of posts for balustrading, with the range including round, square and flat posts. The range includes posts that are suitable for floor or side mounting, as well as posts suitable for various types of balustrade infill, including wire rope, rods, wire mesh and glass. The posts are manufactured from 304 or 316 stainless steel, suitable for indoor and outdoor use respectively. Manufactured to the highest quality, Inox Design’s posts are hard wearing and long lasting, and require little maintenance.

Frameless Glass Channel Balustrade Systems

Frameless glass channel balustrades are the perfect choice when safety is required without obstructing views. Offering a sleek and modern design, Inox Design’s frameless glass channel balustrade systems are robust and have successfully completed loading testing to ensure their safety.


Stainless Steel Handrail and Connectors

Inox Design manufactures and supplies stainless steel round tube handrails, in addition to the associated fixings. Inox Design’s handrails are available in three diameters, and the range of handrail supports and connectors have been designed to work seamlessly with the handrail range. Inox Design’s handrail supports and connectors are available in 304 or 316 stainless steel for indoor or outdoor use respectively and are designed to work with the Inox Design range of balustrade posts.  


Balustrade Infill

In addition to supplying complete balustrade systems, we also supply a variety of infills for balustrading. The perfect choice for when bespoke posts are being used, or for infill replacement, our infill products can all be fitted to bespoke posts to create reliable safety. Our balustrade infill range includes: Jakob Webnet wire mesh frames and panels; Jakob wire rope assemblies; and Progress Architecture grids, grilles and mesh.

Jakob Webnet Wire Mesh

Jakob’s stainless steel Webnet wire mesh system can be used for robust balustrading infill. Available in either classic or INVISS frames, or in made to measure panels to be sewn into place on existing balustrade posts or frames, Webnet is a great balustrade infill. Offering a sleek and modern look, whilst providing durable safety, Jakob Webnet wire mesh is manufactured from 316 stainless steel and can withstand even the harshest coastal environments. Webnet is available in a range of rope diameters and with a variety of aperture sizes. In addition, Webnet is available in a spectral or powder coated finish.


Progress Architecture Mesh and Grilles

Progress Architecture has designed a large range of grids, meshes and grilles suitable for balustrading infill. Progress Architecture’s grids, meshes and grilles have enabled MMA to extend its balustrade infill range, offering more design choice and material options for infill. Progress Architecture’s grids, meshes and grilles can be supplied in a variety of materials, including 304 or 316 stainless steel, carbon steel, zinc coated steel, aluminium, copper, bronze or brass. Depending on the material choice, Progress Architecture grids, meshes and grilles can be used for indoor and outdoor balustrading solutions.

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Progress Archiecture
Inox Design
Complete Systems
Off the shelf
Balustrade infill

MMA Balustrade offers a range of stainless steel posts, handrail, infill and fittings that can be put together to create balustrading systems for residential and commercial projects. MMA Balustrade systems have been used to create robust safety in a range of applications, including in shopping centres and apartment blocks, on mezzanine levels in offices and houses, and around swimming pools and ponds. MMA Balustrade systems are available in materials to suit indoor or outdoor applications.

Jakob Webnet Wire Mesh Frames

Jakob’s Webnet wire mesh frames are becoming increasingly popular for balustrading infill. Manufactured to the required size, Webnet frames are available in a range of shapes and sizes and are quick and easy to install. Manufactured from ‘marine grade’ 316 stainless steel, Webnet frames are long lasting and weather resistant. The Webnet wire mesh for the frames is available in various rope diameters and the spacing of the net is available in different apertures. Jakob Webnet frames are a great choice for when quick and simple installation is required. Our experienced technical team is available to advise on which rope diameter and aperture net is required for the frames dependent on the application.

Wire Rope Assemblies

Jakob Wire Rope Assemblies

Jakob wire rope for balustrade infill is a very popular choice as it not only looks great but is also very secure and lasts for a long time. We supply a range of wire rope assemblies for balustrade infill, with each assembly being manufactured to order to ensure the exact measurements are met. The Jakob wire rope assembly range includes assemblies that are suitable for vertical or horizontal wire rope balustrade infill. Manufactured from ‘marine grade’ 316 stainless steel, Jakob wire rope assemblies are durable and weather resistant, making them suitable for balustrading in indoor and outdoor locations.

Balustrade Infill - Jakob Wire Rope Assemblies Option 2.jpg

Jakob Webnet Wire Mesh Panels

Jakob Webnet wire mesh can be manufactured into made to measure panels. This allows for the net to be sewn onto either supporting ropes or existing metalwork or frames. Made to measure Webnet panels are the perfect choice on projects where the metalwork has already been installed, or for situations where existing balustrade infill needs to be replaced.

Installation Service

In addition to designing and supplying balustrade parts, infill and complete systems, we also offer an installation service. Our team of experienced installers are very familiar with our products and systems. Our installation service is available throughout the UK, please get in touch if you have any questions about our balustrade installation service.

Installation Service
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