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ASTRO WAVE Staircase Dividers

The ASTRO WAVE staircase divider is a system solution protecting the space between the sets of stairs. Our system can give every stairs a unique character thanks to the modern design. Our team of designers has also taken care of the key value-safety. The installation system used in the ASTRO WAVE Staircase divider with the indirect mounting minimises the risk of accidents and provides stability and durability of the structure.

Construction and maximum dimensions of the ASTRO WAVE Staircase Divider

Astrowave staircase divider.PNG

Installation System

The anchorage of the upper, indirect, and bottom mounting, mesh expansions, mounting and tension.

Installation system.PNG


Scree - 74 x 7.5mm | Wire - ø 3 mm | Rope - 3 x ø 2 mm | Weight 6.13 kg / m2 | Clearance - 66%

Material and finishing options:

  • Panels made of stainless steel AISI304 or AISI316.                  

  • Installation system elements made of stainless or carbon steel, secured with a cataphoretic or galvanised coating,  powder-coating according to the RAL chart**.                        

  • This product is recyclable

Colour options.PNG

Colour options*

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