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DECO Roof Screens


The SCREEN DECO Roof Cover is a complete and unique system protecting access to roof devices and installations. It is a solution dedicated to projects requiring the highest level of aesthetics and functionality. The advanced welding technology and panel construction guarantee durability and resistance against mechanical damage, and, at the same time, the masking function while maintaining the defined air flow.


The specially designed filling patterns with various clearance scopes ensure optimal solutions, depending on the design characteristics of the building. The exceptional durability and lack of need for expensive maintenance ensure low operating cost. 

Roof Screens.jpg

Installation system.


The SCREEN DECO roof cover system provides an exceptional ease and speed of installation. The specially designed post shape allows for installation of the panels without the need to drill holes. The panels are threaded with standard hex keys. This innovative system significantly reduces the time of the fencing installation which results in its lower cost. Mounted to the panel posts with special handles and a band fixed to the panel. 

Roof cover.PNG

Roof cover panels.

Available dimensions: 1000//x1700 mm, 1000//x2000 mm, 1600//x1700 mm, 1600//x 2000 mm.


ARRAS D08120

 Slot 12 mm | Open area 58.54%


RADIUS 710155

View Technical Card Here >>

 Slot 15.5 mm | Open area 76.5%

radius 105.PNG


View Technical Card Here >>

 Slot 10.5 mm | Open area 68.6%

Radius 080.PNG


 Slot 8 mm | Open area 62.4%



View Technical Card Here >>

Slot 6.66mm | Open area 75%

Material and finishing options:

  • Panels made of carbon steel, secured with a cataphoretic or galvanised coating, powder-coated according to the RAL chart.

  • Panels made of carbon stell, secured with the aluzinc Pro-ZINAL coating, powder-coated according to the RAL chart.

  • Panels made of stainless steel AISI304 or AISI316 are available on custom order.

  • Posts made of carbon steel, galvanised or powder - coated with an epoxy primer according to the RAL chart.

  • The product is recyclable

Colour options*

Colour options.jpeg

Wall Cladding

Architectural meshes and grids constitute a solution which is popularly used as wall cladding due to their high aesthetics and durability. A flexible grate can be pulled over or remain stiff, giving multiple interior design opportunities.

Wall cladding.jpg

Wall Cladding

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"our grills and meshes can be used for wall cladding" 

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